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Notice to Bremen Water Customers


Last week, the City placed a noticed of the Georgia E. P. D. mandate to cut water production by ten percent. We are thankful of your cooperation and response to this mandated reduction. Please note, however, there is much to be done.


The City of Bremen purchases approximately 55% of its potable water from the Haralson County Water Authority and distributes the rest of our customerís usage at the Bremen Water Treatment Plant. We must reduce our monthly usage to maintain a 10% mandate reduction. Georgia E.P.D. mandated that all water permit holders use the water production average for four months from December 2006 through March 2007. Our four month water distribution average for those months was 20,352,075 gallons. With the 10% mandate in production, our projected total monthly gallons to be distributed in distribution are 18,316,867 gallons. Our current usage is approximately 20,000,000 gallons monthly.


Please note that there is not any outside watering allowed. Our water meters detect leaks on the customer side of the meter and it is the customersí responsibility to repair the leak. If you are notified of a leak, you must make the repairs.


To this date, we have allowed our customers the opportunity to reduce their usage. However, as this drought worsens, as a Utility provider, we will set guidelines to reduce water usage to include, but not limited to, reduction of service, termination of service, fines and surcharges on excessive usage.


This drought affects everybody. Please be proactive in cutting back on water usage. Call City Hall, 770-537-2331, should you need further information.