Bremen Alerts

Bremen Alerts Snow Depot

Bremen Alerts is an application used by the City of Bremen to keep its citizens informed of severe weather related events as well as broadcast community oriented information.  You can click here to sign up for the system if you are not already enrolled.  When enrolling, under the "Notification Groups" section you will see two groups:

  • Bremen Community Alerts
  • City of Bremen Emergency Alerts

By signing up for Bremen Community Alerts you are agreeing to receive messages from the City of Bremen regarding different things going on in the community.  These messages could be related to: upcoming events, traffic issues, changes in trash pickup schedules, etc.  This messages will only be sent during standard business hours.

By signing up for City of Bremen Emergency Alerts you are agreeing to receive automated weather alerts broadcast by NOAA. Currently, the system is set to broadcast an alert when a Tornado Warning (active tornado in the air) is issued for Haralson County.  These alerts are set to broadcast at any time, day or night.  If you sign up for this service and you receive this alert at any point, take cover immediately.  This group may also be used by the City of Bremen to send updates after a natural disaster has occurred.

If you experience problems enrolling into the system or need help with an existing account please email your contact information and nature of your problem to:

BremenIT [at]