Safety Tips

April Safety Tip

Smoke Detector Information

Other Tips

  • Never play with matches, lighters and/or fire.
  • If you see an emergency, report it immediately, call 911. When you call 911 give your name, address, type of emergency you have and remain calm while the 911 dispatcher is on the phone with you.
  • If you are on fire: Stop, Drop, and Roll!!!
  • Remember, practice home escape drills, or E.D.I.T.H. Emergency Drills In The Home. These drills should be practiced at least once a month with the whole family.  We recommend getting out of the house by staying as low as possible. Once you exit the house have a place picked out for everyone to meet that will be a safe area. Do not go to the road or driveway due to the fact emergency equipment coming to the emergency might not see you.
  • When riding a bicycle, always wear a helmet.
  • Always wear your seatbelt and have children properly restrained, not only is it the law, seatbelts and safety seats save lives.